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SIMPLE DIY Natural Solutions-reduce daily toxic intake

I just sent out an email that featured a webinar about DIY simple solutions to reduce your daily chemical/toxic intake. And I mean they are SIMPLE! 5-10 mins to make! If you would like the email and did NOT receive it PLEASE either comment me your email or send me and email w/your email and I will HAPPILY send you out a copy!


I just sent out an email that featured a link to a webinar that I attended about ACHIEVE YOUR IDEAL BODY WEIGHT-NATURALLY! If you did NOT receive this email and would like to, just either comment me your info or email me and I will VERY HAPPILY forward you or anyone else you know that wants more education! 

(these posts are public for a reason, so that you have the capability to help spread the word/knowledge.)


Deep Clean/Cleansing

I just sent out an email that featured a link for a webinar summit that I enrolled in about DEEP CLEAN/CLEANSING YOUR BODY. If you did NOT receive this email and would like to, please either comment me your email or email me request for the info and I will HAPPILY send out or anyone else interested a copy.
(I have these posts public so that others can easily share the information.)

This webinar was very interesting, and I do believe that a huge part of the reason why we have the health concerns/ailments that we do is because of lazy digestive systems. I know that for me personally, that where most of the solution to my health concerns lies. I have never done a cleanse before, but I have always wanted to try one. From the research I have been doing, the cleanses out there that offer what I desire to achieve with a high success rate are slip pickings. This one sounds fairly more simple, it was designed with the body as the main focus and to help the body heal without depleting of unnecessary energy.

I am going to purchase the instruction manual to get more detailed information. If anyone would like to go on this journey with me, we can both be first timers together, there is a national detox 2 week session starting on Sept 15th. If you would like more information on how to join this group/team, please let me know and I will get more information from my managers as to what the group is about and what the goals are as well as information on how to join. 

Regardless, if someone would like to be a guinea pig with me and a partner in crime PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. 

I will report my experiences as I go through them once I start.

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